When you want to start a professional  blog or business website, selecting the right theme is a vital step for your success.
When creating a successful site, choosing right theme is one of the most vital pieces of work of your whole task. In online market place you will find free and premium both types of theme. Almost all themes have some major features. But when you will want some special features or some very lucrative pages you have to spend some money buying premium theme from some online marketplace for example themeforest . It is the largest online market place to find your desired wordpress theme. And like you, most of the website builder’s first choice is  themeforest . So you can easily earn some money by helping the others to find their desired themes from themeforest. In other words, you cam make money from themeforest by affiliate marketing.

Nowadays making money in online is becoming a hot trend of young generation. Indeed, nobody can deny that with the powerful development of Global Internet doing online business is not stranger with all people even a person also can earn money online is easy. He/she only need to spend a little time learning simple steps of online business, they can earn income $3 million per year. There are so many questions set it out that whether there is the way of business that bring big benefit like so or not. In fact the answer is clearly YES. With Affiliate system you can earn online easily and this way has been used world wide recently by small, medium enterprises or even big companies . Today we will introduce you about how to make money from themeforest.

We would bring a gold chance for all people who are keen on online business. With this system, you can earn 30% per sale for a new registered user on Themeforest marketplace. When a new user clicks your referral link, signs up for an account and purchases an item (or deposits money) via any of the Envato Market sites, you will receive 30% of that person’s first cash deposit or purchase price. If they deposit $20 into their account, you get $6. If they buy a $200 item, you get $60.

How to Make Money Through ThemeForest Affiliate Marketing?

Are you an affiliate marketer and seeking out for making good income through a right channel?

Then ThemeForest affiliate program is one of the best programs for the affiliate marketer. This affiliate network pays over $3 million every year and even it can go to a higher level.

How Does ThemeForest Network Work As An Affiliate Program?

The ThemeForest affiliates program works in the following way:

  • Create Account on Envato Markets
  • Deliver traffic to any page within the Envato market also including the username of a particular user account at the end of the URL. For instance, the username of your account.
  • When any user hit on your referral link, signs up for a new account and purchases any item in any of the Envato market websites, then you will receive 30% of that item price or the deposit he/she has made. For instance, if the user deposited $100, then you will receive $30 as a commission in your account.
  • Each user on the ThemeForest marketplace is automatically assigned with a referral code when s/he signs up.
  • The referral code that you receive can be posted on your blog or social media site and so on.
  • The users ought to have the cookies allowed otherwise Envato will not be able to monitor the user who has clicked your referral link.
  • That cookie expires after 3 months. Thus, a user who has clicked your referral link has 3 months to sign up before the cookie expires.

How to Generate Themeforest Affiliate Link?

Generating an affiliate link of any product on ThemeForest is an easy Job. Let me define it very easy step by step process to generate an affiliate link for Themeforest product.

Login to your account.

Visit https://themeforest.net/affiliate_program

become themeforest affiliate

Copy the product URL and Paste it in the field of Envato Market page Filed.

themeforest affiliate link creation

themeforest affiliate link creation

Copy the referral link and start promoting Themeforest Products to Make Money.

How to apply the Affiliate Link?

Let’s say your username registered on ThemeForest is “MuzahidZahid”. All you need to do is adding “?ref=username” to the end of a link. For example, the link of avada theme is https://themeforest.net/item/avada-responsive-multipurpose-theme/2833226?s_rank=1. So the Referral link link will be:


Anyone can earn money from writing a blog to advertise our Fullhouse theme or any other themes only register an account Affiliate on Themeforest and add ?ref=username to the end of a link which is similar example we take above. You can write some blogs everyday and then make SEO and share your social networks. If your writing is high qualified, SEO Optimization and High Performance. Surely you will get many visitors to your writing and the rate visitors click and purchase products from your affiliate sharing link is so high. As a result, your salary will be increased properly. For example, simply Only need to take a little time and make a collection of Top Best Selling Real Estate WordPress Themes 2017 and add ?ref=username at the end of each link you share, you have a perfect article.