The internet has completely revolutionaised our way of lives – how do we communicate and control everything around with the idea of Internet of Things (IoT). Again WordPress is a very strong open source platform to create website, blog and online applications. Interfacing or integrating IoT devices with WordPress or Controlling and monitoring the IoT devices with the help of WordPress could create a significantly impact on development of IoT.   

Wait, what is the Internet of Things?

If you haven’t heard of the Internet of Things, you need to pay close attention because it has the potential to significantly impact how we live and work. It describes a shift from only our phones, tablets and computers being able to access the internet, to a whole host of devices having the capability to go online. For example, your washing machine, lamp or coffee maker.

And although, to some, this may sound futuristic, it’s already started and it’s up to you to catch up with the teleological advancements that may soon affect your WordPress site.

Just as we currently optimise our WordPress websites for mobile devices, we may soon need to optimise our site for the Internet of Things.

With the shift to everything going online, interaction between websites and devices will become more complex and autonomous. The consequences of this development are certainly worth considering if you manage a successful business online.