The world is gradually but surely embracing the trend of incorporating deep learning and Artificial Intelligence in today’s online software/apps. This has become an craze and hot topic in modern days to the programmers. All big high tech companies are working on to build up their own version of Artificial Intelligence. Though by any margin not a huge number yet, but there are some pretty cool WordPress plugins that use Artificial Intelligence in their operations. It is noticeable that due to the endeavor of enthusiastic web developer, a  good number of WordPress plugins have well and truly sneaked   into the mainstream of WordPress website.

These smart WordPress plugins utilize AI as their core function. As you use them, these plugins acquire information or intelligence from your behaviors and decisions, and as a result they become smarter and more imaginative. In this post we will be looking at  few WordPress plugins that use AI  to take your site to the next level.

Honestly speaking, the ones listed below are still experimental and on trial basis but do afford improvements in SEO, customer service, virtual assistance and security.

Kindred Posts

Artificial Intelligence Based WordPress Plugins| WordPress AI

Kindred Posts uses artificial intelligence to study how your website visitors use your site and provide recommendation about the content based on their interests.

A cool feature of this plugin is that it has the ability to integrate itself with Google Analytics. Simply by adding your tracking code to the settings page you can see which recommended content is being read by the visitors.

It requires next-to-no setup – simply activate the plugin and drag a widget into your theme to start recommending content.

The Kindred Posts plugin will let you to place a widget on your sidebar, recommending relevant content to your visitors. Your recommendations will be more targeted and appropriate as more visitors navigate through your site.

Kindred Posts works out of the box. You can review the basic options of the plugin under Settings > Kindred Posts in your WP Dashboard, then easily drag and drop the widget to wherever you want on your site.


Artificial Intelligence Based WordPress Plugins

WordLift integrates their web based service to your WordPress website. It proposes  SEO tips to improve your content with the help of their knowledge graph.

It is said about WordLift “A WordPress Plugin that does what an SEO expert would do.” But how is that exactly? It studies your content to offer facts, figures, and media to match and build contextual relationships among your articles which results in better content recommendations. It builds a knowledge graph for your own website which becomes smarter as you add more content to your website. And thus helps to improve audience engagement and increase your organic traffic.

The plugin generates an “internal vocabulary” for your site, which acts as both a reference and a search magnet for your visitors. And for content creators, it suggests contextual facts, links and media for creating richer and more engaging content, all while optimizing it for search. A win-win if you want to better organize your content and improve your visibility in search.


Artificial Intelligence Based WordPress Plugins

WatsonFinds uses IBM Watson’s cognitive artificial intelligence to analyze emotional impact of your content. This helps you learn how to improve user engagement by adjusting the emotional value of your content.

Watsonfinds uses “sentiment analysis” to provide detailed insight into the emotions your content may elicit in visitors. The plugin adds an icon to the WordPress text editor so you can scan your pages, posts, product descriptions and comments. Each scan offers insights into how your content evokes joy, sadness, anger, disgust and fear in your visitors, along with a percentage score for each emotion. You can then use these insights to modify and improve your content so that it conveys your intended message.

Upon activation, the plugin adds a WatsonFinds icon to your WordPress post editor. Clicking on it will bring up a popup with your content’s emotional score. Based on the words you choose and the overall context of the data, the plugin will show you insights into how your content may feel to your human readers.


Artificial Intelligence Based WordPress Plugins

This content curation plugin lets you quickly discover interesting content and customize it to suit your niche before publishing it on your site. MyCurator’s cloud AI module searches RSS, Twitter and Google alert sources for content and classifies their relevance to you after some simple training. This means you can weed out 90% of topics that you’re not interested in or might think are irrelevant. You can also train this plugin by upvoting or downvoting the posts it finds.

You can create a curated content section on your website by fetching the best bits of content relevant to your audience. You can add any article you like to your website with an excerpt and a link back to original source.

Automatic Alternative Text

Automatic Alternative Text makes accessible images easy and fast by automatically generating alt text for images with Microsoft’s Cognitive Services Computer Vision API.

The Computer Vision API’s algorithms analyze the content found in an image and generates complete sentences of human readable language describing what is found in the image. The Automatic Alternative Text plugin gets this description and adds it as the alt text for each image uploaded while the plugin is active